Types Of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

At Starling Injury Law Group we offer full support for injury claims and also an extensive range of services for personal injuries as well as illness. Our experts ensure that they give you high quality injury claims expertise, which always ensure that you get the legal benefits and claims to recover all your losses. Our specialist personal injury lawyers always handle your case with extreme care and support you in every way they can. We specialize in a wide range of injury claims which are tailored to the Legal system and refer to all the clauses under the law.

Our Range of Services:

Personal Injury Claims

Our personal injury lawyers cater to all segments and all clients, irrespective of their social status. We provide specialized services related to personal injury claims and always ensure that the client’s needs are given priority. Our personal injury lawyers deal with cases of injuries incurred or illness suffered in public places, work place, road, or any social gathering due to the fault of others. Our lawyers fully assess the case and after a detailed analysis give you their specialized legal advice addressing your individual situation.

Serious Fatal Injury Claims

At Starling Injury Law Group, we have a team of specialist personal injury lawyers, who are specialized in handling serious injuries and fatal accidents. Our lawyers practice with utmost professionalism while dealing with any case and also take care of the sensitivity of our esteemed clients. We understand the delicateness of such a situation and thus ensure that maximum attention to detail is provided to the victim’s case. Our specialist team always ensures that the case is properly assessed and you get your legal rights in a justified manner.

Industrial Accidents and Illness Claims

Our team of lawyers dealing with industrial accidents and illness claims specialize in handling claims for workplace injuries. We aim at improving the standards of work as well as working conditions. Through our years of experience in the field we have mastered the understanding of working conditions and the reasons for workplace injuries. Thus we always ensure that the employers follow proper standards for health and safety at the workplace.

Road Traffic Accident Claims

Our team always help you get the maximum compensation for your claim when you have been injured in a road traffic accident. Irrespective of your status during the accident, whether you were a driver, a passenger or a pedestrian or any other third party who has been injured in the road accident, we ensure full assessment of your case and work hard towards winning your compensation claim.

No Win, No Fee

We offer a zero fee service to you, if we fail to win your case. That means if you have lost your case in court, you will not be charged anything from our side.


Car Accidents:

Accident victims are privileged to have two sources of filing a lawsuit to claim compensation for the injuries and losses incurred due to a motor vehicle accident. The best car accident lawyer has to offer will help victims recover their losses and also file their legal claim for compensation through their automobile insurance policy. In fact with the help of a car accident injury lawyer, the victim can also be eligible for a tort claim. Car accident lawyers help you claim your legal rights for the compensation you deserve. This becomes very helpful when you have been a victim of a car accident and have suffered physical as well as mental injuries.

Through our wide range of services, we ensure that you get the best car accident injury lawyers for all your accidental injury cases. Often times people are worried to use their insurance benefits due to the misconception that their insurance rates may rise. In such cases, our car accident lawyers can educate the victims about their rights, and let them know if their cases will result in their insurance rates increases.

Slip & Fall

If you have been a victim of any slip and fall cases and have sustained injuries, we are there to help you at our best. Here is a list of injuries in which case you should get the best slip and fall lawyers has to offer:

  • Use of Unsafe Handrails
  • Improper or Dim Lighting
  • Unmarked Wet Floors or Work in Progress
  • Misplaced Bumpers and Damaged Parts of Vehicles on Roads or Parking Lots
  • Unrepaired Staircases and Floors
  • Unleveled Surfaces
  • Torn Off Carpets
  • Materials or Utensils Lying on The Floor Etc

Apart from the above, other situations causing a slip and fall injury can include wounds due to accidental gunshots, fire and explosions on the premises due to negligence etc.

The best specialized slip and fall lawyers has to offer can help you claim long term disability claims, medical expenses, loss of wages/salary, and other expenses or losses due to the injury.

Wrongful Death

In contrast to other cases where the victim directly files a lawsuit for compensation them self, in wrongful death cases the victim’s family or the immediate survivors are required to file the lawsuit.

In earlier years, the law prohibited any survivor to claim for compensation from the accused, for the death of the victim. But the recent amendments in the acts and laws have introduced the clause to protect the victim’s family rights even after the wrongful death of the victim.

A wrongful death claim is eligible in any of the following instances:

  • The death was caused due to the mis-conduct of the accused.
  • The death was caused due to the negligence of the accused party.
  • The deceased victim has family or dependents
  • The deceased victim was the earning member of the family and their death has caused financial loss to the family as their source of earning is lost.

In such cases, we help the victim’s family by assessing the whole case in depth and analyzing the circumstances that lead to the wrongful death of the victim. After a detailed analysis we take the statement of witnesses to strengthen the case. We follow every process to prepare the whole case in a lawful manner to be represented in court and ensure that we win the case.

Defective Product Liability

Defective products are also referred to as dangerous and hazardous products. They are manufactured products or items which have either not gone through proper quality checks or something happened during processing so the quality may have been ruined. Use of such products can often harm the user resulting in a personal injury and in severe cases death.

In such instances, hiring a defective product lawyer can be very advantageous. These lawyers specialize in the laws governing the defective product acts and thus, fight for your rights.

Some examples of defective product Injuries are:

  • Injuries sustained due to use of defective gym equipment
  • Injuries sustained due to use of defective electrical devices
  • Incidents of food poisoning due to consumption of defective food products Injuries sustained to children due to use of defective toys.

The government and laws have set a standard for product standardization which needs to be followed by the manufacturers and other relevant parties.

Contact us

If you or your loved one has been a victim of a defective product accident, you can contact us today for any legal advice related to the case. Our expert lawyers help you in every possible way to ensure that you get the legal compensation for the injuries sustained by the defective product. We offer a free consultation to our clients for any case related to defective product injury.

Our lawyers also ensure that a legal notice is issued to the manufacturer to follow the safety and standardization guidelines for any product manufactured by them, so that such instances do not happen in the future. We take every step to ensure that any accused party does not get unnoticed by the law and also that no victim is left without the deserved compensation.